Different styles

Each session is energetic and refreshing to help you rise and shine brightly. It will leave you energized & ready to face the day ahead of you. On top of that the benefits of an early practice will boost your metabolism, prevent achiness throughout the day, help you to create a healthy & consistent routine plus maybe... swap caffeine for yoga! As we are using the hire room of an awesome italian cafe called ANETO where refreshing juices or tasty organic coffee is a must-try... Perfect place to start your day!

     Morning Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means to arrange or link in a special way. Therefore, each class' flow strings poses together using breath to measure when to move on to the next pose. The strength of Vinyasa is in diversity. So if you appreciate having things a little loose, unpredictable and like to keep moving this style is definitely worth a try. Each session is smooth but energetic. It’s rhymed with a hint of Philosophy to introduce a down to earth presentation of the yogic theories.

         Power Vinyasa

Practicing yoga in a heated room increases your pulse rate and metabolism, allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible and making your body burn some major calories! The yoga classes organized by Salty Yoga are scheduled to hold during a salt session and are a perfect conditioning for a more effective Salt Therapy treatment. The therapeutic effects of the salt are enjoyed as its healing qualities are inhaled to detoxify the respiratory system.

Hot Ashtanga / Power Flow

At customer's place or mine.

Pregnancy Yoga :

Each class is designed to empower future moms with a safe practice. Strengthening body & soothing mind in order to release any discomfort.



  • Strengthen the body in preparation for labour

  • Empower the mother to be.

Post-natal Yoga :

Your body is strong & able, and YOU know what's best for you. It’s important to listen to your inner voice and trust that your body is designed to experience & enjoy this special time in a woman's life.


  •  Heal and nurture your body

  • Create a safe and fun environment to bond with baby.


Private Pregnancy & Post Natal

At customer's place or at mine.  

Each private vinyasa class is based on a dynamic flow. However each session is tailored on each individual's body, so the flow can vary in order to adapt the sequence in a best way possible to your needs.
My priority is to create a suitable class for YOUR goals respecting YOUR body & mind.
I would feel privileged to walk along your side to transform your practice into a journey plus an exploration and expansion of your mental, emotional and physical achievements.    
Practice, breathe, observe, understand, meditate & repeat.

               Private Session

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