Group Classes

Slow Pace Vinyasa     1h / £12

This class incorporates Tai Chi & Qi Qong movements. Movements that blend perfectly with the dynamic of this Vinyasa flow. I believe each class should offer a sense of freedom, lightness and awareness to each practitioner. Any well-thought physical motions that encourage you to understand your body's language & listen to its needs is essential.

Starting each session with meditation, pranayama and Martial Art might give you the tools to keep a steady mind.

It is also an interesting way to contain your energy and make most of this challenging class. As a friend would say you are just a click away from mindfulness.  As I would say you are just a click away from an

introspection that will leave you with a glowing body and a sharp mind!

Dynamic Vinyasa   1h / £12

Vinyasa means to arrange or link in a special way. Therefore, each class' flow strings poses together using breath to measure when to move on to the next pose. There the breath "prana" or life force in Yoga is used as a metronome. It offers you the rhythm to follow. Your rhythm and unique pace.

The strength of Vinyasa is in diversity. So if you appreciate having things a little loose, unpredictable and like to keep moving this style is definitely worth a try. Each session is smooth but energetic. It’s rhymed with a hint of Philosophy to introduce a down to earth presentation of the yogic theories.

Hot Power Yoga & Yin     1h / £11

Salty Yoga Elephant and Castle.

Practicing yoga in a heated room has several benefits and even more when this room is filled with Himalayan salt! On the floor on  the wall on your skin... salt... everywhere... An effective cleansing and purifying method for your respiratory system and skin. Lungs, sinus, nostrils plus cleaning pores or any skin impurity thanks to the heat combined with the salt. Each session is heated between 22C and 28C. Some are Yin classes, holding poses from 2 to 5mins in order to increase the stretches of the connective tissues. We always focus on a specific area of the body to work on and go through it with stillness. 

Most of classes are dynamic though so a good work out must be expected. Some calories might definitely get burnt on the way. Make sure to bring water & towel. Because as its name says (Salty Yoga) it might get salty & sweaty!  

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