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Our yoga classes in Peckham are ideal for those who want to reduce their levels of stress and develop an understanding of yoga. We offer classes for people at all levels, including those in Dynamic & Slow Pace Vinyasa.


Originating in India over 5,000 years ago, yoga is one of the oldest disciplines in the world. It offers many well-known benefits for your physical and psychological health. This includes improving flexibility, muscle strength and posture.


For example, yoga can prevent cartilage and joint breakdown because it involves a full range of motion. It may therefore help prevent degenerative arthritis by exercising areas of cartilage that aren’t normally used.


Yoga protects your spine and can improve your overall bone health, with researchers finding weight-bearing exercise can strengthen bones and help ward off osteoporosis. This is thanks to the fact many yoga positions entail supporting your own weight.


Yoga also increases your blood circulation and is especially great for blood flow in your hands and feet. It also gets more oxygen to your cells, which then improves muscle function better as a result. Lastly, yoga can drain your lymph and boost immunity because when you contract and stretch, it increases the drainage of your white blood cells.


Why choose our yoga classes in Peckham?


We offer a variety of different classes that incorporate meditation, yogic philosophy & mindfulness. Our instructor is highly passionate about what she does and can introduce you to Vinyasa practice, Tai Chi and Qi Qong.


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